After product is sourced, you will see it on sourcing list as "Sourcing Success"

First, change the current supplier to Topdser

If your source from existed product, go to “your live products” or "awaiting order" list and click "Switch Supplier" button to change the supplier to Topdser.

If you source the product from other Channel, go to "Your Live Products" to find the existed product and map it to Topdser supplier.

Copy the Topdser URL link and click "import". Then save the data!

You will see the product supplier has changed to Topdser(1688)

Second, place order to Topdser

Once your have sales on Shopfiy, it will sync the order to Topdser as "awaiting order status. Click "Order Product"

Then click “make payment”

How to make bulk payment

Click "Select All" to select the orders you want to place,

Click "place orders" button,

Then click PayPal to finish payment !

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