To be able to migrate from Oberlo to Topdser, you need to install the Topdser Chrome Extension.

How to Migrate

Log in your Oberlo account and access "My product" page. Then click the Topdser Migration button.

Note: the "Sync to Topdser" button will appear only on the English interface of Oberlo.

You will be notified in the top right corner when it is completed.

When you go back on Topdser, all the products will be synced to Topdser and the variants will be mapped.

Why did my migration fail?

The migration will fail in the situations below:

1. Products are not imported from AliExpress but from an Oberlo supplier, you need to find an AliExpress supplier and manually map the products.

2. You are logged in different Shopify stores in Oberlo and Topdser. Check which account is linked to which and where you are logged in.

3. Products are marked as unavialble on Shopify.

Product is migrated to Topdser, why the varaints still need mappingļ¼Ÿ

Some merchants may ask why still need to map the varaints one by one after it migrated to Topdser. Normally it's because the variant's name had been edited and changed. You will need to select the variants again, corresponding to the AliExpress product's variants.

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